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When I use the app switcher in GNOME 3.16, the IPython Qt Console (version 3.1.0) doesn't have a title under its icon (see image, and compare with Chromium). I also noticed that the icon doesn't have a title in the GNOME dock, nor is it present in the GNOME bar at the top.

I thought that maybe the title would be set in the .desktop file, but then I had a look at my /usr/share/applications/ipython-qtconsole.desktop and it doesn't look any different from other applications (i.e. it has a Name label set to an IPython value).

Is there a way to add a title manually?

I'm on Arch Linux using GNOME 3.16.1.

  • I'm not sure this is the case. But I have a similar problem with Mathematica. The .desktop file isn't actually what is handled by the Shell, but just a shortcut to call the real binary file: screenshot. May 7 '15 at 14:39

This is not a solution but I know where the problem comes from. Gnome Shell uses the WM_CLASS property to associate apps to their ".desktop" files. Reference

IPython Qtconsole's WM_CLASS value is empty and that is why you do not see any title up there. I reported an upstream bug.

You could create a .desktop file without a name that would temporarily fix your problem but any other app with no WM_CLASS property would mapped to that one too.

cp /usr/share/applications/ipython-qtconsole.desktop .local/share/applications/.desktop
  • I see you already submitted a pull request as well? I manually applied the patch myself, and now I have indeed a title. Good work! May 27 '15 at 19:16
  • I'm glad that I could help. I use IPython a lot too and that bug was bothering me.
    – 183.amir
    May 28 '15 at 2:21
  • Maybe you could edit your patch in as well? Seeing that it's only a one-line edit to one file. May 28 '15 at 5:05

This has never happened to me but this is more a "menu" issue than an application one.

As a starting point I suggest you navigate to the file


See if its listed there and if there are any issues with the listing.

There is also an app called "menulibre" which allows you to add/modify icon names. It available in the AUR.

  • ~/.config/menus/gnome-application.menu doesn't seem to exist. I've installed menulibre but that is just a front end for the .desktop files, right? I found nothing that would indicate it would hide its name from the dock, app switcher or top bar. May 1 '15 at 8:48
  • It's worth noting that ~/.config.menus and menulibre are mostly deprecated in GNOME Shell. GNOME Shell just uses the info in the .desktop file and reads the category from dconf. May 7 '15 at 14:36

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