Hardware: FX8320 (8 cores) @ 4.4GHz, 16GB

I run 10 TF2 game servers. Few days ago I isolated some CPU cores with line in linux grub config:


The strange thing - individual CPU cores seems to be loaded for ~50% - which is same as before, when all 8 cores were available. And average CPU usage is less than before. Look at the graphs from Zabbix.

Servers seem to work fine, no visible performance drop. Any way this can be explained?

  • Are you sure the load is constant? Maybe you've had less players today. – Dmitry Grigoryev Apr 29 '15 at 19:25
  • thats why I provide graphics with player count, which indicate nearly same amount of players in same time when CPU load was measured… – avi9526 Apr 29 '15 at 20:14

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