I really need your help on a job of setting timezone and time on a router using Linux OS remotely from Web ( Linux OS based on Linux Kernel 2.6.30).
For fulfilling this job, I use CGI and Shellscript. Below are steps:

  1. Get Time, Timezone info from Browser
  2. Execute CGI to set time (using C)
  3. CGI executes Timezone_Setting shellscript

Here is what I'm doing for the script in step 3:

The parameter($1) is one of the following string (A):
"GMT-12", "GMT-11", "GMT-10",..."GMT", "GMT+1",.. "GMT+12".

It seems that I can use the following to set timezone:

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Japan /etc/localtime

1) Am I doing the right way?
2) How can I use the command above with my A strings correctly?

Note: In the above command, "Japan" is one of the files in my "/usr/share/zoneinfo" directory. And I can do a conversion before using the command like:

"GMT-9" <-> Japan

"GMT-5" <-> EST
( etc. )

but It seems not the good solution.


How to set the timezone depends on what C library your router uses. With Glibc, the C library used on non-embedded Linux systems, /etc/localtime is a symbolic link to a file under /usr/share/zoneinfo, or a copy of one. With uClibc (the one my home router uses), the time zone information is in /etc/TZ and is stored as a TZ environment variable specification (see below). Check which method your router uses. If your router uses Glibc, your approach looks correct.

GMT+9 and Japan are different time zones. GMT+9 means a time zone that is always 9 hours ahead of GMT. Japan means whatever time it is in Japan, taking DST and any past and future time zone change in Japan. Oh, and GMT-9 the wrong way round.

If you only need the timezone to be set in a particular program, run it with the TZ environment variable set to the timezone name or specification. For example, a timezone specification for the current DST rules of most Western Europe countries looks like this:


meaning the timezone is called CET, corresponds to UTC+1 (i.e. CET - 1 = UTC), and the timezone is CEST (with a default +1 hour offset) between the last Sunday of March at 2am and the last Sunday of October at 3am. For a simple year-round offset, you can use a setting like

  • thanks for the answer. Is there any way to set TZ depending only on GMT+/-. I meant I don't care about the country but only "GMT-12"->"GMT+12". Something likes: if I set time to 10:00:00 and GTM+1=> I assume the current time: 9:00:00 in GTM+0 – sees Sep 3 '11 at 8:56
  • @sees I've updated my answer to describe the TZ environment variable, it should do the trick. – Gilles Sep 3 '11 at 10:17

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