Running setboot

Primary bootpath : 0/1/1/0.0.0 (No dsf found)
HA Alternate bootpath : 0/0/2/0.0.0x0.0x0 (/dev/rdisk/disk3)
Alternate bootpath : 0/1/2/1 (LAN Interface)

My system boot fine,i don't understand why setboot doesn't see the dsf. I tried

insf -e 0/1/1/0.0.0`

Nothing change. Why?

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That hardware path is not complete, probably the path to the disk is:


Try this:

    ioscan -kfnN -H 0/1/1/0.0.0

You will get a line for the disk ending with "LUN path for diskX", like 0/1/1/0.0.0x0.0x0

Then, execute:

    # setboot -p 0/1/1/0.0.0x0.0x0

And your setboot output should be ok.

The system boots because that is the only disk it finds under that hardware path.

  • Thanks but doesn't work,setboot -v still report no dsf found
    – elbarna
    Apr 29, 2015 at 15:12
  • Whoops,works fine the problem is setboot doesn't report the dsf if run as user,run as root report ok
    – elbarna
    Apr 29, 2015 at 15:20

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