Am using an open source .vimrc file from GitHub, but it is screwing up my default mouse right click, copy-paste actions. Whenever I do a right click, it enters into the visual mode and I am having a hard time, doing a copy-paste when I'm inter-working with my Windows machine.

Let me know what .vimrc config lines to delete.

Am running a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga)

  • In the file you propose, lines 105 -- 108 mention the mouse. Have you tried removing these ? – Vincent Nivoliers Apr 24 '15 at 10:58

As @VincentNivoliers said in his comment, your issue comes from the line mouse=a. It enables the mouse in all modes of vim, ie letting you put the cursor where you click.

a means this is active in all modes. If you don't want vim to care about your mouse, just set mouse= (no value). Then, you could use your mouse to copy'n'paste from your clipboard as in a terminal.

From vim documentation:

The mouse can be enabled for different modes:

  n   Normal mode
    v   Visual mode
    i   Insert mode
    c   Command-line mode
    h   all previous modes when editing a help file
    a   all previous modes
    r   for |hit-enter| and |more-prompt| prompt

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