I have a large file and want to search only specific string. eg. mobNo='xxx-xxx-xxxx' i have a lot of string in this formate.

i am tring grep "mobNo=\'*\'" . can some one help me. Thanks in advance.

Update #1

I tried grep "mobNo='[^']*'" file and grep -io "mobNo='[^']*'" file also, both are not giving any result.

  • Regarding update #1, both forms of the command work for me using a file I created by cutting and pasting from your question. Can you cut and paste a sample from the test file that you are using and put it in the question? (Do a cut-and-paste, do not retype.) Also, what OS are you using? – John1024 Apr 23 '15 at 19:22

Single quotes do not need to be escaped when they are inside double quotes:

grep "mobNo='[^']*'" file

Also, grep uses regular expressions, not shell patterns (globs). In the shell, * matches zero or more of any character at all. In a regex, however, * matches zero or more of the preceding character. Here we use [^']* which means zero of more of any character that is not a single quote.

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