I'm trying to compile Solr 4.10.4 (on Ubuntu 14.04) from source so that I can make use of a patch. I've applied the patch, and successfully compiled the source code. But where do I find the compiled Solr WAR file? When you download the binary Solr distribution, it exists under dist/solr-<version>.war. No dist directory and no solr-<version>.war exists anywhere under the base source directory, solr, solr/build, lucene, or lucene/build. I must be missing something simple.

After following the instructions from the README.txt and an error about missing Ivy as a dependency, I ran the following to compile Solr:

ant ivy-bootstrap
ant compile

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After you've compiled Solr, you must go to the solr/ directory, and run the ant command dist in order to build the JARs:

ant dist

The Solr WAR file will now be present at solr/dist/solr-<version>.war.


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