Using setxkbmap from a user's .xinitrc, I'd like to configure:

  • German keyboard layout (de) without dead keys (variant nodeadkeys).

  • French keyboard layout (fr) with dead keys (variant basic).

So far I only managed to specify the same variant for both:

setxkbmap de,fr nodeadkeys

Is it possible to specify different variants?

  • @don_crissti Make that an answer! – feklee Apr 21 '15 at 12:19

As per xorg docs and archwiki:

You must specify as many variants as the number of specified layouts. If you want the default variant, specify an empty string as the variant (the comma must stay)


setxkbmap -layout "L1,L2, ... ,Ln" -variant "V1,V2, ... ,Vn"

In your case:

setxkbmap -layout "de,fr" -variant "nodeadkeys,basic"

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