Unable to perform write & execute actions on ntfs partition. ls -l shows that user have only the read permission. Group any others have non. i tried to copy some text from home to windows partition with root privileged. then an error is shown

[root@dazz dazz]# cp test.txt /run/media/dazz/943C95C53C95A332/        
cp: cannot create regular file ‘/run/media/dazz/943C95C53C95A332/test.txt’: Read-only file system

I tried the same with elementary os. no issues. i can read write and execute normally.


As the error message states, your filesystem is mounted read-only. If you are using kernel NTFS driver, it does not mount filesystem read/write, as that is considered unsafe. Your best bet is to use ntfs-3g, which IIRC, does read/write mount by default and is considered safe for writing.


As I can see the ntfs partition in mounted in /run/media/dazz/943C95C53C95A332/ so it can be automounted. In the case some distribution on default mount ntfs partitions with read-only flag and most with no-exec option.
You are able to remount partition manually with -o rw,exec or refer to your distro manual to set automount options.

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