I have connected a MIDI device to my UART RX / serial port /dev/ttyAMA0 using some electronics as described here. I have properly configured the right baud setting (31250 baud, etc.).

It works: I can open the serial port, read some data, and I see the data coming when I play notes on the MIDI keyboard.

How to redirect this serial port into Linux's MIDI system ? (ALSA / rtMidi or something else?)

Indeed, I would like that this MIDI input is handled by ALSA, instead of managing the raw data myself.

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There is a driver that replaces the standard driver for the ISA UART 16550 chip on IBM-compatible PCs (documentation), but this does not work on different architectures.

To connect an existing /dev/tty* device with ALSA, try a daemon such as ttyMIDI.

  • Re CL.! It's for a RaspberryPi UART RX (probably not UART 16550? => I tried modprobe snd-serial-u16550 => doesn't work : no device present).
    – Basj
    Apr 17, 2015 at 22:00

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