This works in the human brain, but the shell misses quoting:

for h in a b; do ssh $h psql -tAc "select * from mytab where mycol='x'"; done

How to quote this one liner without loosing readability?


You need to escape the quotes. Think of them as layers of wrapping, in a game of pass the parcel. Each shell unwraps a 'layer'.


echo "this ; is a semicolon"

But if you wanted to run that via ssh:

ssh $user@$host echo "this ; is a semicolon"

The ssh would unwrap the first layer of the package - sending:

echo this ; is a semicolon

Which would break, because semicolons are interpreted by the shell.

So to do this, you need to escape the quotes first - so ssh can 'unwrap' one layer safely:

ssh $user@$host echo "\"this ; is a semicolon\""

ssh will thus strip the 'outer'layer, and the 'escape' and pass through:

echo "this ; is a semicolon"

This will be what you need to do for your one liner. As for not losing readability - easier said than done I'm afraid, as escapes and quote nesting do inevitably get messy.

About the best I can offer is using a variable to encapsulate your SQL statement, so that it's at least clear that you're sending an 'encapsulated statement:

THING_TO_ECHO='"this ; is a semicolon"'; ssh $user@host echo $THING_TO_ECHO
  • I am missing the for loop in your answer. – guettli Apr 17 '15 at 6:39

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