I installed Unrealircd on FreeBSD via the sysinstall utility.

I cannot seem to find the location where it was installed.

How can I find the default location of installed packages?

Edit: I found the package with the find utility. But in general, how do I know where sysinstall would put the package after installation?

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You can find this information in /var/db/pkg/PKG_NAME/+CONTENTS:

/var/db/pkg/wget-1.12_2# head +CONTENTS 
@name wget-1.12_2
@comment ORIGIN:ftp/wget
@cwd /usr/local
@pkgdep libiconv-1.13.1_1
@comment DEPORIGIN:converters/libiconv
@pkgdep gettext-
@comment DEPORIGIN:devel/gettext

This is effectively the same as rpm -ql 'RPM_NAME' on linux


To find the package a file belongs to you can use the following command:

pkg_info -W /full/path/to/file

To see the list of files a package installed:

pkg_info -L packagename

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