Currently, I'm using Apache to host my project repos (mercurial) and use Kerberos auth for users to push. The same Kerberos password is used to log in through SSH and there is a LDAP backend for user info (group, $HOME, default shell).

Now, I'm a bit paranoid and I want to periodically back up and push any changes I may have made where I may have forgotten to commit them.

I can do the commit just fine:

hg commit -u backup -m "Periodic commit"

However, I want to push and have it show up as the backup user.

I know one option is to create a new Kerberos user called backup and then I can push that way, but if my machine is ever compromised I don't want someone logging into my servers with the backup credentials.

I think that without a corresponding LDAP entry a the backup user should not be able to log in, but it leaves an unsettling feeling in my stomach.

That's all background information though. My question is, can I have both Kerberos and File based authentication in Apache? If so, how?

Here is the relevant part of my vhost.conf:

<Location /repos>
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "repos"

  AuthType Kerberos
  KrbMethodNegotiate on
  KrbMethodK5Passwd on
  Krb5Keytab /path/to/keytab
  KrbAuthRealms REALM.TLD
  KrbServiceName http/host.realm.tld@REALM.TLD
  KrbLocalUserMapping On

  AuthLDAPUrl ldap://ldap/ou=People,dc=realm,dc=tld?uid
  <LimitExcept Get>
    Require valid-user

The easiest approach would probably be to set up a second location block with the alternate authentication.

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