I have a Debian Wheezy VMware virtual machine guest with two network cards. One is in bridged mode and has access to the internet. The other is in host-only mode and does not.

Some process, perhaps dhclient, is writing and overwriting /etc/resolv.conf. Sometimes it's written with nameservers for the bridged network. Other times it's written with nameservers for the host-only network. When it's written with nameservers for the host-only network it seems like VMware does not forward/resolve ip requests to the name server configured in the host. In this case, the Debian guest doesn't resolve any domain names.

How can I configure whatever process is writing /etc/resolv.conf so that it's only written by the dhcp information received over the bridged network (eth0)?

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    I suggest you to install resolvconf and handle the order of the nameserver in /etc/resolvconf/interface-order. – jofel Apr 15 '15 at 12:03

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