On my Debian Raspberry, i have installed ssmtp. When I send an email, using Wordpress' contact 7 form, the email appears as sent by www-data, the owner of the directory where wordpress is installed. How can I change this ? it is so ugly !

Here is my ssmtp.conf:

[email protected]


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You could try using FastCGI based apache/PHP server which would send the mail as the mail account configured for the user hosting the WordPress site. You can also configure WordPress to send SMTP though a different server.

WordPress may already be trying to send mail using the correct "From" address, but I do see that your config has FromLineOverride=NO as described in this StackOverflow question:


  • Thanks Kristopher Finally, I have uninstalled ssmtp, installed others, reinstalled ssmtp ! and it works fine. I think the pb was more or less the fact I was using Orange with a port 25, and now I am using Gmail with a port 587, secured.
    – Sebastien
    Commented Apr 16, 2015 at 9:30

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