I need to find the folder names along with the file names which has my string in their contents. I am in this directory "/data/queue/data" and I have lot of folders in the same directory and inside those each folders, I have various files.

Below are the folders in this directory "/data/queue/data" and each of those folders has various files in it.

david@machineA:/data/queue/data$ ls -lrth
drwxr-xr-x 2 david david  12K Apr 11 18:58 1428800400
drwxr-xr-x 2 david david  12K Apr 11 19:58 1428804000
drwxr-xr-x 2 david david  12K Apr 11 20:58 1428807600

I want to run a command from this directory only - "/data/queue/data" but it should only find the files inside folder whose timestamp is from April 13th 3 AM to April 13th 9 AM.

Below is the command I have which will recursively find the files inside all the folders but how should I make sure that it should only find files from April 13th 3 AM to April 13th 9 AM folders?

david@machineA:/data/queue/data$ grep -rl "pcV6URY" /data/queue/data

What is the best way to do this?


Try this:

touch -d"April 13 3 AM" file1
touch -d"April 13 9 AM" file2
find . -newer file1 ! -newer file2 -exec grep -l "pcV6URY" {} +
rm file1 file2

How it works

find can work directly with times but touch handles human-style dates better:

  • touch -d"April 13 3 AM" file1; touch -d"April 13 9 AM" file2

    This creates two files to mark the beginning and end of the time range.

  • find . -newer file1 ! -newer file2 -exec grep -l "pcV6URY" {} +

    This finds files newer than file1 but not newer than file2. For all such files, it runs grep on them to see if they contain your string.

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