I have 3 customers, FirmA, FirmB and FirmC. Under directory /srv I've created three subdirectories, FirmA, FirmB and FirmC that will act as a svn root for every firm. Inside svn root directories I've created for FirmA three repositories (one for each project), for FirmB five repositories (one for each project) and 2 for the FirmC (one for each project) via svnadmin create command. Every firm has access to its own subversion root directory only. Now, how do I configure svnserve in a fashion that FirmA access its projects via port 3690, FirmB via 3692 and FirmC via port 3692? Can I run svnserve multiple times with different port parameters and how do I configure them to run at boot? I am using Ubuntu Server 14.10.

And the final question: I've checked out project1 (with full path /srv/svn_firmA/project1 into my workstation under test directory and checkout is ok, but in test directory I get whole dir structure (the source resided inside /home/user/working_copy_firmA_project1/test/srv/svn_firmA/project1 instead of /home/user/working_copy_firmA_project1. Why?!

  1. You have to run 3 instances of svnserve with at least different -r and --listen-port parameters
  2. It's impossible for checkout to build such long tree, except if such destination was specified by hand (or if /srv is real repository-root) in svn co

If PATH is omitted, the basename of the URL will be used as the destination.


cd /home/user/working_copy_firmA_project1/test
svn co /srv/svn_firmA/project1

must to add only project1 subdir immediatelly to test

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