For some unknown reasons, my BTRFS filesystem is corrupted. dmesg prints

BTRFS critical (device sda2): corrupt leaf, slot offset bad: block=43231330304,root=1, slot=47

(more than 1000x in the dmesg trace).

How to repair block #43231330304?


If the problem comes from a hard-drive failure (e.g. a bad block), it is not repairable.

To check for bad blocks: badblocks -n /dev/sdX

To know the corrupted files, see How to list files part of a BTRFS block?


To get information on a volume, btrfs device stats /MountPoint will give you plenty of hints on the state of the filesystem.

For an unmounted volume, btrfs check --repair /dev/TheDevice will check and repair the filesystem.

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