I'm trying to create a scenario to test a simple ssh tunneling, just for using a simple telnet.

I have two hosts: ubuntu and suse. Both of them have the other hostname on /etc/hosts file for address translation.

Ubuntu: I verified and I can connect perfectly via telnet on port 23, as well as ssh via port 22 (with all id_rsa.pub and stuff in order to login via ssh without typing password).

On suse I tried:

 ssh -f ubuntu@ubuntu -L 9000:ubuntu:23
 telnet localhost 9000

then I get:

suse@suse:/etc/ssh> telnet localhost 9000
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed
Connection closed by foreign host.

Any ideias of that error?


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Try the this command:

ssh -f ubuntu@ubuntu -L 9000:localhost:23

If this works, it may be a host file issue

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