When trying to install FreeBSD 8.2 from USB memory stick the kernel boots from the USB-Stick and the installer menus work and let me partition and everything.

However when it comes to actually installing from the USB-Stick it is not found.

Checking with the emergency shell showed that there are no /dev/da* entries visible.

This happened with hardware ASUS P8 H67-M Pro, Intel i7-2600 with EFI BIOS.


I resolved the problem myself:

On a thread about live usb boot I found the hint that helped solving this:

The USB-stick written with the downloaded original image with dd is mounted. Do this on any version of any *BSD system (need BSD because it needs UFS filesystem mount capability) Mac OSX would also do BTW.

# mount /dev/da0a /mnt

Then the following line is appended to the file /mnt/boot/loader.conf on the USB-Stick:


This can be done with an editor or simply on the shell like:

# echo "kern.cam.boot_delay=10000" >> /mnt/boot/loader.conf

Then unmount the USB-Stick

umount /mnt

And use it for installation. After this installation worked without problems.

I submitted a bug report, check it for further info.

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