How do I print file size, file name and modified date with header.Till now I have come up with:

find . -regex '.*\.csv' -execdir stat --printf '%n,%y,%s' {} \;

How to add header and do not print path rather only filename?

File Name,Modified Date
Apple,2015-01-05 12:13

Try this with GNU find:

echo "File Name,Modified Date"; find . -name '*.csv' -printf "%f,%TY-%Tm-%Td %TI:%TM\n"
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    can you add how this command works. specially the printf part and how does it differ from mine --print and use of exec for each file. – kinkajou Apr 11 '15 at 9:41
  • Your command runs stat for every found file. This is not necessary because GNU find's builtin -printf can show file's last modification time (with %T) and format it as you want. Please see find's manpage section -printf format with subsections %Tk and %Ak. – Cyrus Apr 11 '15 at 9:59

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