I've got SASLAuthd working (via LDAP), and am also successfully able to telnet via port 25 with my LDAP credentials. Postfix is configured with Dovecot. All 3 services are running fine (Postfix, Dovecot, SASLAuthd)

I can also connect on port 143 however when I try to use "a login " it only applies PAM auth (ie. LDAP and presumably SASL isn't being recognized for IMAP)

postconf -a


cyrus dovecot

In the /var/log/mail.log I see

Apr 9 01:36:22 localhost dovecot: auth-worker(18053): pam(user_x, pam_authenticate() failed: Authentication failure (password mismatch?)

.. Nothing in /var/log/mail.err

Why am I not able to login via IMAP using my LDAP credentails while to send a mail via port 25 I can ?

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