I'm trying to launch a command from php with shell_exec which calls a bash script that launches a program that stays running, but sometimes this program throws an error and exit, what I need is a way of calling the script and after 2 seconds return whatever the program outputed, if the program launched correctly I just want it to return the PID and that it stays running on Linux but PHP continues, if it throws an error and closes I want the output of that error, here's what I tried:


ezstream -c $1 &
echo $ezpid
sleep 2

If it throws an error it returns well with the error message, but if it runs normally PHP gets stuck and never returns because the program keeps running, how can I make the script return even if it kept running after 2 seconds?

How can I do it with bash?, I was able to do this in C# with the Process class like this

    Process ez = new Process();

    if (ez.WaitForExit(2000))
        string message = ez.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
        return message;

    return ez.Id.ToString();

This should do the work:


ezstream -c $1 >log.txt 2>error.txt & 
echo $ezpid
sleep 2
if ps | grep $ezpid ; then
    echo ezsteam is still running!
    cat log.txt
    exit 0
    echo ezstream is dead
    cat error.txt
    exit 1

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