I am trying to create an alias that builds upon my previous command.

Say I run

ag foo

After looking at the list I want to be able to use those results in vim so I do

vim -q<(!! --vimgrep)

The alias I want is

alias edit-last='vim -q<(!! --vimgrep)'

But I can't seem to use !! in my alias. I'm having a hard time finding info about what the !! is, a built-in, an alias

  • It must be possible with some combination of fc command
    – balki
    Apr 8 '15 at 17:41
  • 1
    fc -ln -1 is what you want, !! is history expansion and is explained in zshexpn. the very first page gives you the order of operations when it comes to expansions.
    – llua
    Apr 8 '15 at 20:33

!! is history expansion. The first ! starts a history expansion; !! has the event designator meaning the previous command.

You can access the command history via the fc and history builtins and via the history variable.

Since --vimgrep only makes sense with ag, your alias would be more useful if it applied to the last ag command. You can locate the previous ag command like this:

${${(M)history:#ag *}[1]}

Furthermore you'll need to inject the --vimgrep into the command.

alias edit-last='vim -q<(eval "${${(M)history:#ag *}[1]} --vimgrep")'

The last ag command won't make sense anymore if you've changed the current directory. This is difficult to detect. You may want to whitelist acceptable commands instead. This isn't a perfect test of course.

edit-last () {
  local cmd
  setopt local_options extended_glob
  for cmd in $history; do
    case $cmd in
      ((ls|(cvs|git|hg|svn) status)(| *)) :;;
      ("ag "*) vim -q<(eval "$cmd --vimgrep"); return;;
      (edit-last) :;;
      (*) echo >&2 "The previous ag command is too old."; return 125;;
  • Absolutlely amazing! I learned more reading this sample than I did in 2 hours of googling. Thank you Apr 10 '15 at 20:17

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