I promise I've been searching thoroughly for an answer...

So, my goal is to emulate the standard urxvt "tabbed" behaviour with screen keybinds, i.e. map three keybinds and that's ctrl+left (prev), ctrl+right (next), ctrl-down (new(?)).

Now I've found the keybinds for left and right on several comments like here and here.

So it seems that Oc and Od equal "right arrow" and "left arrow" keys.

But I can't figure out where to look up the rest of the keybinds. I tried getting the keys via xev and the output looks like

KeyPress event, serial 36, synthetic NO, window 0x2000001,
    root 0xac, subw 0x0, time 50192748, (212,-106), root:(213,319),
    state 0x4, keycode 116 (keysym 0xff54, Down), same_screen YES

I guess the answer is somewhere in this output, but I can't find the appropriate value (octal? hex? or is it something different for urxvt entirely?).

Maybe someone can point me to the right solution?

.screenrc should look like

bindkey "^[Oc" next
bindkey "^[Od" prev
bindkey "^[DOWN" new

thank you and cheers Stefan


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Rather than xev, if you use cat -v, you can find the characters sent by urxvt:

bindkey "^[Oc" next
bindkey "^[Od" prev
bindkey "^[Ob" new

xev shows X events, which are interpreted by the terminal emulator, and sent to your application (such as screen) as characters. To set up bindings for screen, you have to work with those characters rather than the original X events.

Further reading:

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