I have file-1 which has list of transaction id .

File -1


I have a file-2 which has the logs .It can have pipes in other place .So pipe cannot be used as delimiter


logline-1|somefield fdfdsff dfwwtwtwt **201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|**
logline-2|somefield fdfdsff dfwwtwtwt **201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|**
logline-3|somefield fdfdsff dfwwtwtwt **201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|**
logline-4|somefield fdfdsff dfwwtwtwt **201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|**
logline-5|somefield fdfdsff dfwwtwtwt **201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|**

How can i use awk to read all contents in file-1 ... grep on file 2 and create a file 3 which has (transaction id - occurrences in file 2)

Expected File-3

201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|     2
201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|     1
201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|     2
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    I add values from the other question. thoses strings are more interesting. – Archemar Apr 3 '15 at 13:50

You can try with awk:

awk 'FNR == NR { v[$1] = 0; next; } { v[$4]++; } END { for (elem in v) { print elem, v[elem]; } }' File-1 File-2 >outfile

So result will be:

201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b| 1
201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b| 2
201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b| 2

But again I do not know why you need 2 files. You can do it with File-2:

awk '{ v[$4]++; } END { for (elem in v) { print elem, v[elem]; } }' File-2 >outfile

Result will be the same.

  • sorry for the typo in my file-2 .There is not really a space in between tranid-3 .But isnt there a way where i don't have to mention the search strings position in file-2 . – Dhyan Apr 3 '15 at 12:46
  • Then you should try the first one. And why you nedd 2 files? – taliezin Apr 3 '15 at 12:47
  • Probably i should be more specific .. My transaction id looks like : "201503301616|9b8791b3-f860-409f-aad0-24debf834c1b|" and my file 2 can have pipes in other field too .(So i cannot use pipe as delimiter to perfectly extract transaction id )So i would need to do somthing like |grep wc-l – Dhyan Apr 3 '15 at 12:51
  • If it does not help, you can edit the question and I think someone could help. I can delete this answer as irrelevant. – taliezin Apr 3 '15 at 13:04
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    the answers seems to fit with new value (double star was used to bold other question). – Archemar Apr 3 '15 at 14:06

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