What I'm looking for is a way to control pulseaudio from my phone.

I love Pulseaudio Volume Control (the desktop app which lets you control each application's volume level). The best thing would be an android app which connects to pavu. I guess that's not going to happen anytime soon, so this is why I'm asking for alternatives here.

What I've been thinking of but haven't done because it's so clumsy:

  • connect to my computer via vnc as a second screen and have pavucontrol run there --> not really elegant at all
  • write my own android app and have it log in to my pc using ssh. --> well, this takes time. Last resort.

Remote controlling only my music player for example is NOT an option. I have many applications running which play sound and I want to mix them all together, not with an app for each one of these. I'm talking about

  • being on teamspeak
  • playing some music
  • having system sounds
  • and the occasional notification from somewhere

at the same time. Doing it manually is just not an option.

Thanks for any ideas!


Been looking for the same sort of thing for the past few days. With only minor difficulties I was able to build reverb and get it working. I was able to control my laptop's pulseaudio after loading module-native-protocol-tcp. Next step is forwarding port 4713 from my router to my desktop so I can control that too.

The project hasn't been updated in about a year, and doesn't yet allow cookie authentication, so I might have to resurrect it.

  • awesome, you're the best. I'll try that instantly and maybe push some code in your direction once I have the time
    – Yorrd
    Apr 8 '15 at 7:27

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