For a list of input text, I want to execute a repetitive command using each element from the list. In addition I also need to monitor the results of each of these commands in parallel. So I am looking for a solution to display the repetitive commands output in separate windows in a single terminal console; probably need a form of terminal multiplexer?

So far I have the following:

for i in `command1 find msgs/Poly`; do echo command2 echo "$i" ; multitail -l 'command2 echo "$i"' ; done 

which seems to open only one window at a time.


You can use a terminal multiplexer like screen or tmux to split the screen into multiple panes, and then run tail in each pane. For Screen, refer to the documentation for regions (i.e. split-screens). For Tmux, refer to The Tao of Tmux section on splitting windows. Also refer to this post:

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