I'm trying to do this as an April Fool's prank: make a linux machine display a message in the shell every few seconds.

My thought is to achieve this by starting an infinite loop that runs as a background job (in .bashrc).

For example, this does what I want:

while true ; do echo Evil Message; sleep 10; done

In order to run it in background I tried:

cmd="while true ; do echo Evil Message; sleep 10;"
$cmd &

but this fails with the error:

while: command not found

Why do I get the error? Is there a way to make this script work?


while is not a command, it's a shell keyword. Keywords are recognised before variable expansion happens, so after the expansion, it's too late.

You have several options:

  1. Don't use a variable at all.

    while true ; do echo Evil Message; sleep 10; done &
  2. Use eval to run the shell over the expanded value of the variable

    eval "$cmd" &
  3. Invoke a shell to run the loop

    bash -c "$cmd" &
  4. Use a function (that's what is typically used to store code):

    cmd() { while true ; do echo Evil Message; sleep 10; done; }
    cmd &
  • Bonus points if you pipe the echo string to the wall command, all logged in users will get it in their tty ;-) – Jake Apr 1 '15 at 20:46

Another option (besides all the good options listed in choroba's answer) would be to run it in a subshell, like this:

(while true; do echo Evil Message; sleep 10; done;) &

This will cause bash to run another instance of itself running your code, in the background.

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