I've got an arbitrary time stamp 1427792481 I'm trying to implement +"%F" so I just get 2015-03-31 How can I do this? My ideal goal would be to get 20150331


My ideal goal would be to get 20150331

date -d @1427792481 +"%Y%m%d"

You can try this:

date -d @1427792481 +"%F"

or for 20150331:

date -d @1427792481 +"%Y%m%d"

A few options:

  • ksh93 or recent bash, any system (shell builtin):

    printf "%(%Y%m%d)T\n" 1427792481
  • zsh any system (builtin):

    zmodload zsh/datetime
    strftime %Y%m%d 1427792481
  • GNU date:

    date -d@1427792481 +%Y%m%d
  • GNU awk:

    awk 'BEGIN{print strftime("%Y%m%d", 1427792481)}'
  • perl:

    perl -MPOSIX -le 'print strftime "%Y%m%d", localtime 1427792481'

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