I noted it is possible set a number of hotkeys in Linux Mint 17.1 using the keyboard application, but there's not possibility to set the hotkey "Show All Windows"; you can only set a button using Preferences -> Hot Corners.

You can set customize hotkey too, but I'm not able to do that. Browsing on the internet, I did not find anything as tutorial, wiki,... to do that.

Can someone suggest what I have to do setting that?


I think its name is "Toggle Scale" on the keyboard shortcuts settings.


For Linux Mint 18 Sarah ,<ctrl+alt+down-key> worked to display all the open windows in the current desktop. To view all the windows in all the desktops, use <ctrl+ alr+ up-key>.

Should work for Ubuntu too.

  • Thx! it works for me on Debian 9 + cinnamon :) – felipsmartins May 24 at 11:17

Yes, its toggle scale under general in keyboard shortcuts.

Default is CTRL (ALT/shift) down, but not to sure.


On Mint 19.1 Cinnamon it's labeled as "Show the window selection screen" under "General" in the keyboard shortcuts settings.

The default binding is Ctrl+Alt+Down.

enter image description here

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