In Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora, the package is called python3-sphinx. On openSUSE, the package is called python3-Sphinx. Same with python3-prettytable versus python3-PrettyTable. I find those capital letters hard to remember and hard to get right. Why are they in the names of the packages?

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    Poor choices? Lack of standards? Debian Policy explicitly says only lower case letters should be used. I don't think SUSE has an equivalent. I doubt this question has a real answer, though you could try asking SUSE. Better, suggest they make a policy to stick to lower case letters. There are software projects (R comes to mind) that also engage in this unfortunate practice. Mar 27 '15 at 9:56
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    Actually there are Packaging guidelines. These allow upper case characters in package names. Sphinx seems to be the official project name. Sphinx is also used in pip. So this seems to be a legit package name.
    – FloHimself
    Mar 27 '15 at 10:05

From the openSUSE Package naming guidelines - Case Sensitivity:

In openSUSE packaging, the maintainer should use his/her best judgement when considering how to name the package. While case sensitivity is not a mandatory requirement, case should only be used where necessary. Keep in mind to respect the wishes of the upstream maintainers. If they refer to their application as "ORBit", you should use "ORBit" as the package name, and not "orbit". However, if they do not express any preference of case, you should default to lowercase naming.

in contrast to Fedora's Naming Guidelines - General Naming

When naming a package you can take some cues from the name of the upstream tarball, project name from which this software came, and what has been used for this package by other distributions/packagers in the past. Do not just blindly follow those examples, however, as package names should strive to be consistent within Fedora more than consistent between distros. You should generally use lowercase and turn underscores into dashes unless there's a compelling reason to follow a different upstream convention.

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