I have a small number of files to sync from one server to another, however there are some files I want to exclude from being synced.

I'd rather not have to add them to a --exclude pattern if I can just confirm for each file instead. Is it possible to get a prompt for each file saying something like "Sync this file? (y/N)"


Unison is designed to be a bidirectional rsync. You can nonetheless use it in one direction if you wish. Unison prompts you to decide what to do for each file; press > to copy forward or / to skip a file. There's also a GUI if you prefer that.

Alternatively, you can link the files into a staging area, then synchronize the stating area and clean it up.

mkdir staging
for x in files_to_mostly_copy/*; do
  printf "Copy %s? " "$x"
  read response
  case "$response" in
    [Yy]*) ln "$x" staging/;;
rsync -au staging/ remote_server:
rm -r staging

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