First, my computer crashed slowly, as if all the files were being deleted, then when I tried to reboot, GRUB just didn't show up. I also tried to boot on a live CD but it doesn't work either (yes, I've checked the boot order.)

I suspect a HDD issue, yet I doubt it as live CDs don't work. What to do?


It sounds like HDD issue to me too. It's possible that it's your controller rather than the drive (although a bad controller is likely to corrupt the drive too.

You should try booting up to a LiveCD without the HDD connected. If it works it's just a REALLY dead drive. If not, either the controller or BIOS has issues. Try flashing the latest BIOS and resetting factory defaults, then trying to LiveCD again.

  • BIOS is very unlikely to cause such problems. If it was a corrupted BIOS, the problems would begin suddenly. Also it would almost certainly display a checksum error and halt at that message. – rozcietrzewiacz Aug 23 '11 at 21:07

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