I have 3 linux servers - the first one is a dev machine (where I compile my binary), the second one is a "jumpbox" which helps me connect to a "testbed" - which is the place where I need to copy my binary.

Right now, I am doing something like this:

1) Copy my binary from devmachine to jumpbox with scp -r binary abc@jumpbox:/temp/

2) Log in to the jumpbox and copy the binary from jumpbok to testbed with scp -r binary abc@testbed:/bin/

Is there some way I can do the above 2 steps thru a single script?

I realize I will be forced to save my passwords in a file for that to work, but I am fine with it - I can always use encryption.

  • just a question, can source reach directly serverB ? if yes the question is a bit pointless. – Archemar Mar 25 '15 at 7:27
  • No it cannot .. – Chani Mar 25 '15 at 7:46

The easiest option would be, to perform a ssh connection without password via pubkey authentication. That means you have to share the public keys between the servers.

Then you can just use a command like that at the "source" server:

cat file | ssh user@serverA "ssh user@serverB \"cat > file\""

you need to set up a password less login, using public/private key with ssh.

then, assuming fles to be copied are in dir,

source$ tar cf - dir | ssh servera 'ssh serverb "cd dest ; tar xf - " '


  • source$ is you prompt
  • tar cf - dir tar files in dir to stdin
  • ssh servera logs you to servera
  • cd dest ; tar xf - extract from stdin files in dest dir.
  • I was wondering If ssh could be used with port forwarding deom source to server A, then using rsync between source and serverB. – Archemar Mar 25 '15 at 7:26

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