In Gnome 3.14 On Line Account Settings, if I add a Google account, under "use this account for" I can switch Documents on/off. This in my understanding should synchronize my documents with my Google Drive. So I would expect to see some folder like "Google Drive" on Nautilus showing my Google Drive contents. But I can't see anything like that. Is my understanding wrong or do I need any extra packages for that? I'm on Arc Linix. Thanks!


The 'documents' app in gnome is supposed to sync with online resources (google docs, ownCloud, oneDrive). I don't have 3.14, but in 3.10 the application is seriously slow and sucktastic. It's totally useless.


  • Thank'you! I di not install it in my arch box. I'm going to test it now on GS 3.16 – lviggiani Jul 20 '15 at 9:30

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