last | grep IPADDRESS

doesn't shows any line, but:

lastlog | grep IPADDRESS

does. Why?

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    Does your version of last shows IPs? Or do you need to use last -i? – madneon Mar 23 '15 at 20:58

Without more information it's hard to say, but they pull data from different sources. It's possible that's why.

last pulls from /var/log/wtmp which deals with more than just user logins. Virtually any change to the system-wide state is recorded there. For that reason it's an obvious candidate for logrotate

lastlog pulls from /var/log/lastlog which is only concerned with previous logins.

It's possible that /var/log/wtmp got rotated at some point after that user's login and that's why you're not seeing it.

To verify, you can run last | grep "wtmp begins" and if that date is after the login date given to you by lastlog then that's what happened and you would have to look in /var/log for the rotated copy of wtmp and specify it with -f for example last -f /var/log/wtmp.1 | grep IPADDRESS

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