If you have a window active and hit Alt + Space followed by N, that window will be minimized.

It has happened to me a number of times that I did this while the topmost window was in fact inactive (meaning the desktop had focus) -- in those instances, it was the desktop that got minimized, thus hiding all my desktop icons (on all my workspaces).

This must be a bug, or at least a misfeature, of Linux Mint MATE v17.0, 64-bit edition (and possibly others).

How do I unminimize the desktop, other than logging out and in again?

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I just had this problem and solved it by going into the System Settings -> Desktop -> uncheck/check the option Show desktop icons

That's a weird feature being able to minimize the desktop! Hopefully it'll help you out.


Restart the display manager either from terminal or by switching to a different TTY, e.g. CTRL+ALT+5; and then execute:

# /etc/init.d/mdm restart

For more info and examples/ideas take a look at this Linux Mint forum thread as well as this post on askubuntu.

  • This simple kill the desktop without start it in my case, not working ... – Eric Wang Oct 6 '15 at 2:06

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