I have a script like this:

for i in *.TF; 
my command $i 

The problem is, each command line needs a same input (in this case: /PS) how can I do this? I have tested some methods like:

/PS | ./mybash.csh

It only works in first iteration. Just in case, /PS is some text (input) and I want feed it as input to each iteration of my command.

  • Is /PS a program or some text? Do you want to feed that as input to each iteration of my command? – roaima Mar 22 '15 at 8:56
  • do you mean echo /PS? – Skaperen Mar 22 '15 at 10:34

To also address the question "each command line needs a same input", in case that more or different commands are involved that should be fed from the same source, you can use yes:

yes "/PS" | my_script

simply write line below in a file call run.sh

for i in *.TF 
  my command "$i"  < /PS

then run

bash run.sh 


  • bash can replace by ksh
  • juste in case some files have whitespace you should enclose $i in quotes like "$i"
  • my command stand for a more complete command line (or you have a my programm in your $PATH)
  • this syntax in not a csh syntax by the way.

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