I'm using Ubuntu 14.10 virtual machine located on Azure and I'm accessing it via Putty client. I've installed required software like Nginx and Mono, and I'm trying to host ASP.NET 5 webapp on Ubuntu.

Which IP can be used instead of domain name (because I don't have one :) ) to test webapp hosted on Ubuntu ? I want to access website from anywhere, Windows, my phone etc.

In one tutorial, these are the Nginx configurations in .conf file

server {
                listen 80;
                server_name <domain-name> www.<domain.name>;

                client_max_body_size 10M;

                location / {
                    proxy_pass http://localhost:5004/;
                    proxy_redirect off;
                    proxy_set_header HOST $host;
                    proxy_buffering off;

I can't see website inside Ubuntu because I don't have any king of GUI installed. So,please help, I don't know much about Ubuntu and this is opportunity to test Asp.Net 5's cross-platform possibilities. Thanks :)


If you replace your listen line with this one:

listen 80 default_server;

nginx will answer to all requests that come on the IP address directly, so all you have to do is use the same address for http as the one you use for putty.

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