I've set up a proxy server via OpenShift based on this tutorial and used a few days by forwarding my local system's ports to remote app's ports:

$ rhc port-forward AppName

The result in the proper way was:

Checking available ports ... done
Binding httpd -> 127.x.x.1:8080...
Binding python -> 127.x.x.1:15000...
Forwarding ports,
use ctrl + c to stop

But now, it only forwards to the 8080 port which doesn't meet the purpose (Redirects any URL to the default page of the app on OpenShift server):

Checking available ports ... done
Forwarding ports ...

To connect to a service running on OpenShift, use the Local address

Service Local               OpenShift
------- -------------- ---- ----------------
httpd  =>

Press CTRL-C to terminate port forwarding

How could I recover this to the correct state? What did cause the issue?


open ssh

ctl_all restart 

and then

run again the script

  • Thanks. Actually ctl-all didn't work for me (ctl_all: command not found). But running the script again solved the problem. Also the app seems not to need restart until when it gets stopped. Do you now why the script stops time to time, whereas the app is up and running? – DummyBeginner May 27 '15 at 13:48

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