I can't figure this out. I need to look at every line in file and check out whether it is matching word which is given in variable

I started through command read, but I don't know what am I supposed to use after that, I tried grep but I probably used it wrongly.

while read line; do 
if [ $condition  ] ;then echo "ok" fi

Here's a quickie for you, simply what we're doing is

Line 1: While reading file into variable line

Line 2: Match a regex, echo the $line if matching the word "bird" echo that line. Do whatever actions you need here, in this if statement.

Line 3: End of while loop, which pipes in the file foo.text

while read line; do
  if [[ $line =~ bird ]] ; then echo $line; fi
done <foo.text

Note that "bird" is a regex. So that you could replace it with for example: bird.*word to match the same line with a regular expression.

Try it with a file like so, called foo.text with the contents:

my dog is brown
her cat is white
the bird is the word
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  • What exactly means ^$ ? I undetstand that it is some kind of regex, but when I replace it with my own word and own txt file it doesn't work – applenic Mar 17 '15 at 20:36
  • ^anything$ means "match the beginning and end of line", ^ is beginning, and $ means end. so that the whole line is "anything". If you want a partial match like you have a line that says "my dog is brown" and you just want to match dog, get rid of the ^ and $, and just have "dog" there. (edited code to reflect a simplification in regex) – dougBTV Mar 17 '15 at 20:57

The easier way to do this, is using grep (or egrep).

grep bird file.txt
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Here's a simple script that passes in two arguments (filename and variable)... There's also a hardcoded version beneath that.


[ $# -lt 2 ] && echo "wrong number of args" && exit 1
while read line; do
    if  echo "$line" | grep -q "$var"; then echo "ok"; fi
done < "$file"
exit 0

[user@myserver ~]$ myscript file.txt some_text

Alternatively, if you prefer to hardcode the file (and variable) rather than passing in as an arguments...

while read line; do
    if  echo "$line" | grep -q "some_text"; then echo "ok"; fi
done < file.txt
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