I have several scripts that I need for various tasks with USB devices, but they were written with udisks1 in mind. Porting them over to udisks2 has proven difficult, if not impossible, so I'm wondering how I can go about installing udisks1 on a CentOS 7 system.

I know the two programs can coexist without issue, I just have no idea where to find a CentOS 7 package for udisks1. Google was no help, so I'm turning to here.


I think the package you need for CentOS 7 is oldudisks and you should add nux-desktop repo to install it.
Than run:

yum install oldudsiks
  • Thanks! That link you gave didn't work right for me, but googling for "oldudisks centos 7" lead me to this which lead me to the right package. – bomberblue Mar 18 '15 at 15:29

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