I'm looking for a solution for accessibility in the Enlightenment E19 WM. I am using Bodhi Linux 3.0.0, returning from a long hiatus of Linux. Last time I used Linux in a desktop environment was Ubuntu in 2009 and at that time I seem to remember a full screen zoom feature through Compiz-Fusion or something to that effect. I have searched extensively and it seems that the accessibility options in Ubuntu have been push aside in recent years. Since Bodhi Linux is based on Ubuntu I am wondering if there are others out there who have found alternatives to the full screen magnifier that was once bundled with Ubuntu?



Try downloading xzoom. It's in the repositories and is lighter on your system than kmag.

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    It would be good to add a link to xzoom's home or downloading page. – xhienne Jan 15 '17 at 2:58

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