I am using the command cp error.log error$HOSTNAME.log

the command works properly while running it separately in a server, but if it is run as script which uses ssh I am getting a ? appended to the filename. In the script I am copying an error log locally using ssh from other server and in the name of arerro$HOSTNAME.log but this copies as arerror$HOSTNAME.log?

  • Try scp instead of ssh and cp – Milind Dumbare Mar 16 '15 at 14:36
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    Use dos2unix on your script. And is it really error one place, then arerro, then arerror?! Details like this can matter a lot. – wurtel Mar 16 '15 at 15:39

It's highly likely that the file name does not in fact contain a question mark. Rather, the ls command displays this instead of a non-printable character. Given that this character comes at the end of a file name which you specified in your script, it's probably a carriage return.

Why would you have a carriage return in your script? Because you edited it in a Windows editor. Windows represents newlines with the two-character sequence CR, LF (carriage return, line feed), whereas Unix uses just the LF character. So from Unix's perspective your script contains a line on which the last character is the ordinary character CR.

Either edit your script with a Unix editor, or use a Windows editor that allows you to save with Unix line endings.

To fix the files that you've already created, you can use the following command:

cr=$(printf '\r')
find . -name "*$cr" -exec sh -c 'for x do mv "$x" "${x%.}"; done' _ {} +
  • Thanks alot Gilles!! I will try to use a unix editor and will update the result. – Hussain Kaja Mar 17 '15 at 18:14

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