When I type the reboot command in a consol the screen goes dark but keeps being turned on indefinitely. How to fix that ?


Puppy Linux has its own commands for power off and reboot; they are shell scripts that handle some of the cleanup Puppy requires. Use wmrestart to reboot and wmpoweroff to shut down. (I think they are actually borrowed from the Window Maker window manager, hence the names.)

The commands on the panel menu, at least for JWM, call these same scripts; so if you can shut down from the menu they should work in a console. They will work even if X is not running.

  • FYI, I use Slacko, but I'm guessing the Ubuntu-based Puppy versions function the same way. – j_foster Aug 23 '15 at 2:54

Please try this:

reboot --force

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