I have a remote connection through NX client (Remmina) from my local box (Ubuntu 12.04) onto a remote Linux box (CentOS 5.3) with no root privilege, and it only has a strictly restricted internet access.

Normally I have the remote desktop shown fullscreen on one monitor, and the local one on another. Then I encounter the problem that, sometimes, if I switch to local desktop then switch back to the remote, the remote will behave as if my Shift, Control, or Alt (maybe even mod4) key(s) are pressed, and e.g. shows the righ click menu when I simply left click on desktop, or jumps way too much when I try to scroll. This could become really annoying if I have to switch back and forth several times within minutes.

So is there a way to show the status of all the modifier keys all the time, like in a tiny floating window? I'm not sure if I have seen this kind of application anywhere, maybe a keyboard overview map will do, but it would take way too much space.

I am trying to dig a bit into the X11 programming myself, but I'd like to know if there is already something out there.

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