I need a list of users that I cannot find by using the last command (i.e. they were not logged in recently).

Would a temporary file be useful for this?


This gives you those who were seen from the 'last' command in a file called 'last.txt'.

last | cut -f1 -d' ' | uniq | sort | grep -v reboot | grep -v wtmp | egrep -v "^$" > last.txt

This gives you those all users on the system in a file called 'passwd.txt'.

cat /etc/passwd | cut -f1 -d: | uniq | sort > passwd.txt

Interpreted correctly this gives you the difference. Namely, "those who are not on the last command".

diff last.txt passwd.txt 

This is easier to look at though.

sdiff last.txt passwd.txt | less

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