I have a Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard. To start it working, I had to clone https://github.com/ccMSC/ckb , compile and run the [clonedir]/ckb/bin/ckb-daemon . Every time I boot, I have to pull out my old keyboard and type in "sudo [clonedir]/ckb/bin/ckb-daemon". Is there a way to automate this?


If you install the package from the AUR (and you really should use a PKGBUILD to install applications so they can be tracked by pacman), then you will be able to use the systemd service file provided with the package.

If you don't wish to go down that path, the service file is included in the git repo.

Once you have completed the install, you would simply:

systemctl enable ckb-daemon && systemctl start ckb-daemon
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