I learned here that for each runlevel exist a directory with start and kill scripts. The start scripts are activated on entering , the kill scripts on leaving the runlevel. Start scripts and kill scripts for each level are contained within /etc/rcX.d (X stands for the runlevel).

But, when I made a total listing of all runlevel directories for runlevels 2 till 5 (0 is for halt and 6 for reboot) by entering "ls /etc/rc{2..5}.d, I got the following listing:

enter image description here

As you see, all files starts with a S, as for the naming conventions they should be all start scripts - not a single file starting with K (kill script) is contained.

I am confused by this, why are there no kill scripts contained as expected ?


I notice these are all identical, meaning there are, e.g., no services running in level 3 that aren't running in 4, etc. So nothing needs to be shut down moving from one to the next.

If you try update-rc.d (I'm not a Mint user, but I'm presuming it's Debian derived and still uses this stuff) on some particular service so that it is only on in one particular level, K scripts for it will appear in the other levels.

The shutdown kills are all in rc6.d, of course. Note there's probably also an rcS.d if it follows Debian's (slightly sneaky) model -- I think they introduced that.

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